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Bhutan Peoples' Party  

26th Establishment day celebrates.

June 2, 2016. Birtamode Nepal  :

Bhutan Peoples’ Party celebrates its 26th establishment day in exile central office at Birtamode Jhapa Nepal. Holy lamp & candles were lightened; garlands & khaddar were put on the photo of late R. K. Budathoki. Bhutanese societies always remember late R.K.Budathoki and his boldness for the safety of the nation.
Second day of June every year is an important day for every Bhutanese. This was the day in 1990 a group of exiled Bhutanese declared a political party and launched a movement for establishment of democracy in Bhutan. Subsequently the whole of Bhutan was involved in it. There has been lot of painful and tragic events at different stages. In the process our founding President Late RK Budathoki even lost his life. We have watched all the developments very closely and have been part of it in most of the instances. We can deviate from our moral responsibility and pretend to be unaware of what has happened in all these years with us.

Every individual is different and we see things differently. We do not see, understand and feel in the same way. Everyone have their own analysis and judgment to assess success and failure. Over the period BPP as a political party struggling from exile with limited resources has achieved a lot. Despite of various odds, beside BPP different Bhutanese groups and individuals have made their contribution in the movement in their own ways which we should always respect. Our movement has not come to its end and every individual do not see any reasons why should stop here since our mission is not accomplished.The greatest turning point where our movement has received a political setback is that the international community has only recognized the humanitarian issue of the Bhutanese people which has in fact legitimized the ethnic cleansing by the Druk govternment. They drove the solution of resettlement by looking at the refugees but not looking at the reason what caused them refugees. 

Resettlement prosses was offered in good faith and in view of the increasing problems in the camps but at the same time they should have pressurized Bhutan for repatriation. The Bhutanese Refugee problem as it is in our case had two aspects, one political because of which one sixth of the population had to flee the country mainly from one ethnic community and the other humanitarian which evolved after they were displaced and became refugees. Resettlement offer has addressed the humanitarian aspect but has totally overlooked the cause of the refugee crisis that was political which is as real and burning even today. Bhutan Peoples’ Party a pioneer & prominent party of Bhutan should keep campaigning on this issue. As a matter of fact members are relocated in different countries and need to coordinate and do things collectively

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