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Bhutan Peoples' Party  

BPP observed Memorial Day of late R. K. Budathoki in exile

IMG_20150909_105403  Birtamod 9/9/015 : Today  the Bhutan Peoples’ Party observed the 14th memorial day of late R. K. Budathoki in exile central office at Birtamode, Jhapa Nepal. Holy lamp lightened; garlands & khaddar were put on the photo of late R. K. Budathoki.

Late R.K. (Raj Kumar) Budathoki was a unique personality. As a social-minded, farsighted, charismatic, ambitious, noble hearted influential, a strong supporter of Democratic Socialism and an outspoken movement strategy maker and was always active in transforming the Bhutanese society and the government from primitive to advance order. He was in favor of the Constitutional Monarchy and his main objectives remained the establishment of Multiparty, Parliamentary system of government, a true, functional, vibrant and inclusive democracy and to strengthen the long-term political relations with the countries of globe giving due respect to the interests of the neighbors. He wanted to serve the nation and introduce gradual changes. The founder of Bhutan Peoples’ Party, late Budathoki led a life of hardship and struggled away from all pleasures.  He had sacrificed his life for the cause of the Bhutanese people and their movement for democracy. He had a dream of doing something great but, unfortunately, he was assassinated by the anti-social elements on September 9, 2001.

Bhutan of today, as he had dreamt, is facing with various economic, social, cultural, national and international problems. There is a gross human rights violation and misuse of power in the name of Gross National Happiness. Wherein the kingdom, there is but sunbursts sense of frustration. Hence, these adverse developments comprise of refugee and leadership crises. We must make concerted efforts to solve the problems; if we do so, there is no reason for Bhutan not to reach the zenith of its glory. Bhutan, he had dreamt would be an example in the world to fight for peace. With the establishment of peace and progress, Bhutan would one day become a heaven on earth. However, his dream would be possible only if the Bhutanese people solve their economic, social, and political problems amicably at the earliest time possible.

Unfortunately, the dynamic leader, R.K. Budathoki is not with us today, although his visions and contributions will remain alive in the political history of Bhutan. He has left behind a good lesson, good vision of sacrifice and determination to cultivate and apply in our crusades towards the establishment of democracy and peace in Asia region.

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