༄། །བྷུ་ཀྲན་པི་པཱལྶ་པ་ཀྲི།།
Bhutan Peoples' Party  


The Bhutanese people honestly awaited the king’s positive reaction to its exposure of human rights violation but no avail; on the other hand oppression through the arbitrary enactment of new laws continued and innocent Sarchhops, Adivasis, Lhotshamps (Nepalese origin), Doyas, Brokpas, Tibetains, Kheng and a few Nglongs having no other option were compelled to form a political party with a view to relieving the people of their present plight.

Thus, the new creation referred to as “Bhutan Peoples’ Party” is being established in 2nd June 1990.

The board aims and objectives of the party are as follows:-

    1. To evolve the Parliamentary system of Government, were all Bhutanese irrespective of religious, linguistic, ethnic and regional diversities may attain communal harmony, economic, social and political justice:

    2. To stop violations of human rights by the feudal and reactionary Government of Bhutan, preserve unity in diversity and safeguard liberty, fraternity and sovereignty of the nation;

    3. To amend the constitution ensuring the universal adult franchise, fundamental rights and duties of the citizens; including freedom of conscience cultural pursuits;

    4. To establish an independent judiciary and an independent election commission, and to amend the citizenship act with a view to making it uniform to internationally accepted norms.  



Dated  : 2 June 1990
Venue : Sarbhang Bhutan

Bhutan Peoples’ Party

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Bhutan After 1991

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