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Bhutan Peoples' Party  

Our Memberships

There shall be two classes of membership namely:

(1)  Individual members.

(2)  Affiliated members / Organizations 

(1) Individual members:  

Individual member shall be a Bhutanese citizens and not less than 20 years of age; who subscribes to the conditions of membership and is not a member of other political parties or organizations.

A member of BPP, who joins and or supports other political parties and organizations, shall automatically be considered as ineligible to remain as a party member.

Bhutanese citizens temporarily resident abroad may retain their existing membership or may become an individual overseas member of the party by enrolment or notifying with the Head Office and accepting the conditions in Part constitution Article III-3-11, 3-12. An ordinary member may become an active member only after working for two year in the interest of the Party. Under very special circumstances, the President in the consultation with the Central Committee may relax this provision.

A membership certificate shall be awarded to all the ordinary and active members. Ngultrum 25 shall be charged as membership fees.

Only the active member shall have the right to contest the elections in Booth/Block/District and the Central Committee and be eligible if elected to represent as a member in the Party Conference.

(2) Affiliated members/organizations. 

Any organization confirming to the principles, not owing allegiance to any other political organizations, or not associated to any underground outfits, terrorist organizations may apply for affiliation to the Party and, if the conditions under Article XXXVII 37-3, 37-4 & 37-5 are accepted and subsequently found eligible, the party conference may finally approve affiliation.

Conditions of Membership. 

Each individual member must conform to the constitution, programme, principles and policy of the Party. No member of the BPP shall engage in a sustained course of conduct prejudicial to the Party.

When a person applies for re-admission, to the Party following an expulsion or by Central Committee (CC) on whatever conditions or by automatic expulsion under Article III clause 3-13. applications shall be submitted to the Central Committee for consideration and decision thereof shall be taken only after a minimum of six years of such expulsion or termination. Under very special circumstances, the Central Committee may relax this provision. However, this  shall be automatically terminate after repartriation & on the dawn of democracy in the country.

Affiliated organizations must:-

Accept the programme, principles and policy of the Party.

Agree to conform to the constitution and standing orders of the Party.

Submit its political rules, suggestions, aspirations and proposals to the Central Committee of the Party at least once a year.

Each affiliated organization must adopt the rules and regulations laid down by the Party Conference besides conditions mentioned in the party constitution.

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Bhutan After 1991

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