༄། །བྷུ་ཀྲན་པི་པཱལྶ་པ་ཀྲི།།
Bhutan Peoples' Party  

Our Symbols

The Party Flag

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The flag of Bhutan Peoples’ Party is divided into two halves diagonally. The upper half which is pure white in colour with a yellow five sided star symbolizes the party’s infallible respect for peace, non-violence and harmonious, co-existence; while the yellow star signifies the Royal Institution as the constitutional head of the country.  The other half portion which is green in colour, indicates Party commitment towards economic prosperity and sound environment.


Party symbol

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The Party symbol is Dorji Jadam or Thunder Bolt. It symbolizes spiritual and mystical power to subdue evil spirits and manifests harmonious and peaceful co-existences of its citizens. The four sides indicate the Party’s paramount commitment for equality, justice, freedom, integrity and unity of the diverse cultural, religious and linguistic communities in the country.

Bhutan Before 1991

Bhutan After 1991

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