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Dear Patriotic Citizens of Bhutan,

For generations, our forefathers have lived under the suppressive and discriminating regime but have toiled hard to develop the nation to its present state. We are still in the primitive age in terms of basic freedom and rule of law. This has greatly hindered the personal and social growth of the different communities as a nation.

Our motherland has covered long distances and had made great strides in a variety of ways in attaining the states of nation state. Ever since various actors are on play, one after another with vested political and diplomatic acumen creating hostile circumstances between Royal Institution and the people at their behest. We need a system of government that gives maximum opportunity and at the same time catalyses the development of the individuals as responsible members of different communities of a multi-ethnic nation like Bhutan. Democratic Socialism endows both an individual as well as the society in the nation with liberty and freedom whereby accelerating the nation towards development and harmony. Development without harmony is an evil that will surely bring about turbulences in the days to come. We need to establish a participative, accountable and vibrant democracy in which every individual has the opportunity to achieve his/her maximum personal development and self expression and enjoy good quality of living standards.

The democratic processes initiated in our Kingdom unfortunately have failed to appreciate and uphold the democratic principles as practised by the global democracies of twenty first century. If democracy is to guarantee the social justice and political rights to every citizen of the country, favourable political environment has to be created where every citizen can participate in the process in a free and fair atmosphere. How can there be a true, functional, vibrant and inclusive democracy when over hundred thousand Bhutanese citizens (living in exile as refugee) are excluded from the process of democratisation and other related political processes.

We believe that a healthy constitution will not only legitimize the constitutional monarchy but also will guarantee stability, justice and prosperity of the nation as a whole. we are the true sons and daughters of the nation. Our first and foremost duty is to protect our sovereignty and the Royal Institution –which is the most symbolic of our identity. Bhutanese people are in a way fortunate that we have examples around us, which would guide us if we appropriately try to learn from their mistakes. We must learn from Somalia, Bosnian and recently Syria conflicts which have emerged as a result of constitutional lacking to address the multicultural, multilingual and multi-ethnic issues. We also cannot rule out constitutional loopholes for the ongoing civil disobedience involving indigenous peoples and other unending ethnic conflicts in the neighboring countries.

Founded on June 2, 1990, BPP has the goal to establish multiparty parliamentary system of government with king as the constitutional monarchy. The party considered its secret duty to promote and preserve the cultures, traditions and religions of all ethnic groups while providing opportunities to the Bhutanese peoples of their ethnicity, casts and performances of religions practice or political ideology. We are committed to build a secular Bhutanese society, where all religious practitioners will be treated equally and without any discrimination. The party works for the creating a politically and economically strong Bhutan. It would work for the political unity of discrete ethnic groups, which would strengthen the political unity of the country.  It would create greater the level of harmony among the people to eliminate the chances of conflicts.

BPP calls upon all concerned for the continued cooperation and support to help establish a true democracy that is for the people, by the people and of the people in the country. It is only through the establishment of a true, functional, vibrant and inclusive democracy that the collective destiny of the Bhutanese will be positively determined.

Party unwaveringly pledge, along with all the party members and the patriotic citizens of Bhutan, to work with vigor and dedication in the realization of the set common objectives of peace, justice, democracy and development in Bhutan.

                                                               Thank you,   Trashi Delek !

                                                             Balaram Poudyal


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