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Student Organization of Bhutan

Student Organization of Bhutan (SOB)


The increasing strength of student population and the compelling needs and issues of the students compelled the student’s community in exile to form “Student Organization of Bhutan” or by abbreviation ‘SOB’ on December 26, 2003 under the leadership of Mr. Bhim Kumar Dhungana. As a fraternal organization of Bhutan Peoples’ Party it subscribes to the principles and values of “Democratic Socialism”.

The Student Organization of Bhutan is actively working hand in hand with students’ community in exile and the party to advocate the protection of child rights and other related issues both in Bhutan and exile.  SOB has come into being amidst growing uncertain future of students due to donors fatigue for higher education and blink hope of refugee repatriation. SOB shall accommodate the qualified and politically conscious students in the mainstream political movement to fill up the leadership vacuum and provide a new dimension to the Bhutanese political movement. This organization is affiliated to Bhutan Peoples’ Party (BPP) with the noble philosophy of democratic socialism, a practical political ideology of national development.

Deceleration  of SOB $ the president

Deceleration of SOB $ the president Mr. Bhim Kumar Dhundana

We at the helms of organizational steering committee are aware of the bitter experiences faced by our respected seniors and are fully prepared to meet the challenges. We are aware of our limitations set by third country asylum but we’ll not budge from our obligations of taking the Bhutanese Political problem and Bhutanese refugee issue in general at appropriate forum. We would even resort to initiative tactics consistent with the laws of host country Nepal, to whom we are grateful beyond expression. The principles of our approach are transparency, flexibility and debate, respecting the opinions and learn to struggle to achieve our goal. We are not in a hurry to set our eyes on the fruits of struggle but have adopted struggle as both means and end.

We are aware of the skepticism of ignorance but we trust on Bhutanese who are desirous of political and substantive changes in the country would come forward to organize since individual effort makes no impact on sensitizing our issue to achieve the goal. Now, we must learn forgiving and forgetting our bitter past and join together to lead Bhutanese people to the right direction to achieve our noble goal of political justice from which we are deprived by our destiny. Student Organization of Bhutan does not believe that it can alone spearhead the progressive realization of our cherished dreams of political, social, economic, cultural and educational justice to Bhutanese citizens. It believes that all organizations formed in Bhutan and in exile are as indispensable as the one under which we are associated. In spite of different ideologies and philosophy, the Bhutanese organizations have withstood the test of time and no one has ever espoused contrary aims and objectives amidst resource crunch and myriad of difficulties.

We must confess that the organizations are not robots and they do not perform automatically on their own. Good inception and constituents leads to better maintenance and performance, better maintenance and performance lead to optimum use and productivity. Similarly an organization, in a team, attributes to functions to fulfill the aspirations of the people. SOB is born after a tedious waiting of twelve years and it is at its infant tread. It is born out of students’ need to organize them-selves and to shoulder the students’ responsibility to bring the Bhutanese Political movement into the decisive phase. We are proud that all Bhutanese students are creative and industrious in their academic excellence but they are without organizational platform to express and demonstrate their nationalistic aspirations. In tune with the common phrase, “the students are the golden pillars of tomorrow”, we have a long way to go in order to prove ourselves using all our potentialities under the committed and able leadership, the deficiency of which the SOB will fulfill by virtue of having the committed cadre at present and in the future.

Late Bhim Kumar Dhungana

Late Bhim Kumar Dhungana

Unfortunately, Mr. Dhungana succumbed to snake bite in his own hut on 1st of October 2004.   We feel helpless and at an unreachable distance to launch rigorous political activities in Bhutan due to several factors that come across us but SOB have the dreams of the martyrs to fulfill and the prosperity of our progenies, in harmony with all communities in Bhutan. The need of the hour is not just a sense of nationalism but also a sense of patriotism towards restoration of peace, security, happiness, developments and above all, assurance for a sustained well-being of the future generations.  Through concerted efforts of the available resources of the intellectuals we look forward to seeing dawn the aspired durable change for a sustained future to avoid any ‘regrets’ and ‘sorry’ accompanied by ‘curses’ of our coming generations who await inheritance in sequence.  The worst of everything would be the total oblivion of the ancestral motherland should we fail in carrying out our responsibilities along the right direction. 


In our endeavor to launching the organization, the Students Organization of Bhutan has addressed the following aims and objectives, which are practical in our struggle for the achievement of our aspirations of students’ solidarity, democracy and national happiness through peaceful means:

  1. To commit towards students’ solidarity for nationalism, democracy, socialism and fundamental freedom in Bhutan,

  2. To create and develop students’ solidarity for the common cause of Bhutanese students both inside and outside Bhutan,

  3. To educate Bhutanese students of their inherent rights as well as values of democratic socialism,

  4. To organize and empower Bhutanese students and youths to counter effectively against any form of injustice, suppression of freedom and social perversions such as drug abuse, trafficking and the like,

  5. To support and promote respect for human rights in Bhutan and the organizations and NGOs for the same,

  6. To generate international solidarity of socialist youths and students for the cause of democracy, fundamental freedom and human rights in Bhutan,

  7. To foster and remain committed towards international brotherhood among students and youths for the cause of democracy, freedom from oppression and world peace,

  8. To carry out appropriate programmers to promote physical, and intellectual development of Bhutanese students and youths,

  9. To sensitize Bhutanese students and youths on environmental issues and problems and endeavor to preserve environmental purity,

  10. To endeavor to establishing cordial  working relationship with all such students and youths groups of Bhutan for common cause of students, youths and people in general,

  11. To remain a committed member of Socialist International and support its programmers actively wherever and whenever they are launched in the world,

  12. To draw international attention for a solution to the plight of Bhutanese refugees in exile and political problems in Bhutan,

  13. To work actively and creatively for social, economic and political changes in Bhutan on modern lines relevant to internal context and specificities of Bhutan,

  14. To remain committed towards constitutional monarchy in Bhutan and prepare students and youths for peaceful means of achieving our goal,

  15. To sensitize the international community on the subtle and astute propaganda of the government about its assertion of having democratic political system and disclose the true situation inside Bhutan through an effective communication mechanism.

In the light of above aims and objectives SOB believes that Bhutan will continuously design means to discredit our democratic struggle so that the ruling elite can rule with impunity and in uncivilized manner. We urge all Bhutanese students in exile to come together to counter these propaganda at all levels side by side with our silent struggle. It is high time we become vociferous in our just cause and elicit support from the neighboring countries and international community at the earliest. Let us inherit humanity in the heart, despite the inhuman experiences encountered by us, to those who have evicted us from our home and hearth or have shown indifference to our genuine suffering. Let us join together and struggle selflessly to overcome our misery as the day dawns after the dark night. The eviction has changed our lives but not the spirit to struggle to achieve our goal.

SOB humbly appeals to all compatriots, students and youths alike to be ever conscious of our rights and duties as well as continued Bhutanese propaganda to malign our just cause. We also urge the enlightened Bhutanese students to come forward with positive attitude and generous support and transform this organization into your own vibrant political tool in a spirit of brotherhood, democratic ideals and revolutionary disposition with a sense of responsibility. We welcome suggestions and comments from our beloved brothers and sisters as necessary ingredients for the most practical path that any organization requires.


The Organization is headed by the Central President who is assisted by the vice president. There is a General Secretary to steer and lead different other sections and secretaries. There are four distinct policy making and planning committees’ viz. Disciplinary committee, Advisory Board, Central Committee and Central Working Committee. There are six other sections and organs headed by a secretary viz. secretary administration, secretary press and publicity, secretary finance, secretary education, secretary sports and culture and secretary external affairs. The President, the vice president, the general secretary and all other secretaries form the Central Working Committee (CWC). The central committees which consist of 27 members provide the full quorum to the organization. Under the finance committee are account keeper and treasurer. The district committee functions under the district president and vice president.


All the heads of the organization are responsible to the president and general secretary.  However, the president is put under the constitutional guidelines and framework of the organization. While functioning or coordinating the work of the organization, the different organs of the organization work upholding the principles and constitutional norms and guidelines of the organization. As SOB is a students’ organization it has direct touch with the students and schools in the country. So, in order to maintain the smooth coordination and functioning, the organization has an elected link maintainer from every district and schools called the District President. The organization endeavors to look after the welfare of every individual student in general without any discrimination and designs its activities in lieu of the enshrined aims and objectives.

Bhutan Before 1991

Bhutan After 1991

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