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Bhutan Peoples' Party  

Youth Organization of Bhutan

Genesis of the Organization

Whole generation of Bhutanese youths and students has met with the regime’s message that Bhutanese youths are not need. More than fifty thousand young Bhutanese who have fled or have been evicted from the country have bleak or uncertain future in exile and those inside Bhutan have to live under oppressive, suppressive and discriminatory rule of law. All Bhutanese youths, realizing the need for unity and proper leadership in exile and to advocate to cause, unanimously formed “Youth Organization of Bhutan” (YOB) on 25th January 1992 with it’s headquarter in Thimphu Bhutan. Presently it functions from its exiled base in Nepal and India.

YOB is affiliated to Bhutan Peoples’ Party (BPP) a pioneer political party and is a full member organization of International Union of Socialist Youth (IUSY) and an observer member of International National Falcon Movement-Socialist Education International (IFM-SEI)

YOB is ushered by five Presidents since its establishment:

Bhutanese youth formed Youth Organization of Bhutan under the leadership of late Mr. Pemba Sherpa of January 25, 1992.

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Meantime, YOB functioned under the leadership of Mr. Damber Sing Ghaley and then shifted under the leadership of Mr. Ganesh Subedi, who was the President of the Organisation hold the Presidentship for two terms. The 5th General Election held on 25th February, 2008 unanimously elected Mr. Rajen Giri as the President. Running president of organization is Mr. Hasta Khanal. 

YOB is an advocate of equality, peace, solidarity and justices under democratic principles and all its efforts are directed towards political pluralism in Bhutan and work towards the establishment of the respect for Human Rights, Justice  and Democracy in Bhutan and also to recognize the potential of youth as a national asset not as a burden as presently projected. YOB is involved in campaigning the issue of youths and students in exile and inside Bhutan and also campaign refugee issue. Adopted means of struggle is Non-violence and espouses Democratic Socialism as its guiding ideology.

Aims and Objective

  1. To struggle for establishment of democracy and human rights in Bhutan.

  2. To strive for the establishment, respect, promotion and protection of fundamental human rights and fundamental freedom.

  3. To generate awareness among Bhutanese citizen, the ideals and principles of human rights, fundamental freedom and democracy coupled with the responsibility of a citizen.

  4. To organize Bhutanese youths and students to encounter injustice, oppression and inhumanity.

  5. To generate international awareness and garner solidarity in support for the Bhutanese movement for democracy and human rights.

  6. To foster solidarity, support and co-operation for the common ideals of Bhutanese people.

  7. To develop international brotherhood and co-operation for self determination and liberation of mankind from bonds of suppression.

  8. Extensively campaign Bhutanese refugee issue to draw international attention in finding comprehensive solution.   


  • Educate youths and students about the government policies, youth’s responsibilities, duties etc through workshops, seminars and distribution of booklets and literatures.

  • Extensively campaign our issue at national, regional and international level by attending seminars, conferences and by delivering lectures on Bhutanese issue, distribution of literature, posters and books.

  • Organize mass rally to draw the attention and concern on our issue.

  • Often write appeals to Indian Government, Nepal Government, Bhutan government and other international communities urging them to render support or intervene in our issue to help in finding comprehensive solution.

  • Have been mobilizing international solidarity and support.

  • Appealed to Indian Parliamentarians to discuss our issue during Parliament Session as all feels that India’s role is crucial in resolving the issue.

  • Organize Mass rallies with the Theme of Rights to Return.

  • Have been organizing workshops and seminar on role of youths and students in national building, human rights and other awareness programme on peace and personal development.

  • Organized blood donation camp to make blood available to Bhutanese refugee and host community particularly during operation and delivery case.

 Action Plan 

  • Youth Organization of Bhutan will continue seek avenues and opportunities to campaign for human right and democracy in Bhutan.

  • Encourage participation of youths and students in organization and develop leadership qualities.

  • Endeavour to secure the rights of Bhutanese and safeguard these rights against all forms of discrimination and exploitation.

  • Organize awareness programme to Bhutanese youths and students in exile and inside Bhutan.

  • Lobby youth organizations and international communities across the globe to request and raise awareness of our situation and to express solidarity for democratic Bhutan.

  • Support movement for Human Rights and democracy in Bhutan.

  • Empower people to exercise and protect their rights as stipulated under the Law of Kingdom of Bhutan.


Central President, Central Vice-President, Central Committee, Executive Members District Committees, Block Committees and Village Committees are fashioned. In exile for the effective monitoring and the welfare of the Refugee Community; Camp Committees have been instituted. 

Decision-Making Process 

Central Committee Member (CWC) which consists of 21 elected members is the main Decision making body of the organization. CWC also ratifies any decision taken by the Executive Body and ensure the implementation of plans and programs and suggests disciplinary action against its members. It gives over all direction for the functioning and working of Organization. 


YOB’s Membership is open to all Bhutanese youths and students who agree to abide by the principles of the organization. Membership is also allowed to Bhutanese organizations and clubs.


Bhutan Before 1991

Bhutan After 1991

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