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One sixth of the total population of Bhutan have been evicted from the country and forced to live in exile.  Hundreds of political prisoners are continue to suffer a rash life within the prison cells. Those at home lead a life more akin to captives and are in the constant fear of persecution. Advocacy democracy and human rights is considered by the royal regime as an encroachment upon national sovereignty.   The supporters of democracy and human rights activists are termed as “Anti-Nationals” and are inhuman torture and punished.

Even at the face of cruel tide of tyranny and persecution, Bhutan Peoples’ Party is committed and determined to continue the struggle to achieve the goals of Bhutanese people. However, we call upon the attention of international community, donor agencies and the democratic loving people of the globe to render support and solidarity to help for attain our objectives.

We appeal the international community, for support and solidarity for Bhutanese crisis in all expects. Your support will enable us to continue our work against feudal system of Bhutan. We welcome your financial support. If you believe that the Bhutan Peoples’ Party can offer a better tomorrow and our nation a secure future, please help us serve the people and our beloved nation. We cannot success without your help! Your support directly helps us for the campaign.

Your any voluntary contribution helps us become financial sustainable and will allow us to focus our undivided attention on the more important tasks at hand. You may kindly note that contributions can only be made through check or direct deposit to our account from your own / spouse’s personal savings account. We will be providing direct account, PayPal donation options soon. If you wish to donate immediately, please feel free to contact us at  : bpparty@gmail.com / bpparty@hotmail.com

Thank you again for your support.

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Bhutan Peoples’ Party
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