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Bhutan Peoples' Party  


Bhutan Peoples’ Party categorically refutes all the allegations made by the Royal Government of Bhutan against the pro-democracy activists struggling for the establishment of democracy in Bhutan. The allegations of Greater Nepal, Gorkha take-over, Cessation, Terrorist Movement, frauds and robberies in the guise of democracy activists, threat to Bhutan’s security survival of unique tradition and culture are baseless.  This is merely an attempt to tarnish the political movement of the Bhutanese people.  It only justifies the regimes discriminatory policies that are geared to ensure its survival at the cost of the Bhutanese people and to thwart any international support towards the cause for democracy.

The BPP refutes the Government’s claim that the Bhutanese crisis is an ethnic problem.  It is an absolutely political crisis and the demand for the establishment of true democracy in Bhutan is the inalienable right of every Bhutanese citizen.  Our firm commitment towards the political change in Bhutan is amply evident from the voices of protest that continues from all corners of the kingdom ever since 1990.  People yearn for the establishment of democracy is to liberate citizens from the existing bonds of suppression and to pave way for every Bhutanese to avail equal opportunity to live in a free society having the pride of fundamental human rights.

Bhutan takes pride in being a Buddhist country but its system is in contravention to its philosophy. There are open discriminations; the laws and rules are particularly targeted against the ethnic communities.  Bhutanese citizens have to provide various category of compulsory and force labour. The different types of force labour systems are Chudidom, Septolemi, Goongdawoola and National Work Force. The members of the Royal family and their relatives, government employees and the security forces are exempted from providing this force system.

It is unfortunate to express that the Bhutanese people in 21st centaury are struggling for their basic rights when the world is promoting and strengthening the democracy. It is even difficult for us to make the people understand to promote the peaceful struggle for democracy when the world reacts urgently to the explosions of bombs and blasts and believes the orchestrated stories of the autocratic regime. The BPP believes in peaceful struggle and avoids all forms of terrorist activities. We would like to demand to people and the democratic government around the world to exercise their wisdom for fact-finding and support us to resolve the Bhutanese political crisis.

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