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Bhutan Peoples' Party  

Fraternal Organization

After the formation of the Bhutan Peoples’ Party and mass movement, the women and youths realised the importance of organizing their strength to contribute and support to the ongoing movement lunched under the leadership of the party. The BPP had also realised the importance of the organized support of the women and youths in bringing about social changes.  The Bhutanese women organized themselves under the aegis of Bhutan Women Organization (BWO) under the leadership of Mrs. Devika Gajmere on August 21, 1990 in exile. As this organization became passive over a period of time and these was an urgent need for a umbrella body of the women members of the Bhutanese population and “Women Organization of Bhutan” (WOB) was reformed on December 26, 2003 under the president-ship of Mrs. Jasoda Budathoki. The WOB is active in fulfilling its duties to its community and nation building for the rights and justice of the Bhutanese women (Continue)

Likewise, the youths formed “Youth Organization of Bhutan” (YOB) under the leadership of  Mr. Pemba Sherpa (late)  on January 25, 1992. After a while, YOB functioned under the leadership of Mr. Damber Sing Ghaley and then to of Mr. Ganesh Subedi. Rajen Giri and  Hasta Khanal is the current President of the organisation.  As a fraternal organization of BPP, it follows the path of “Democratic Socialism” and strives to contribute support to the democratic movement. Under the successful guidance of the party it succeeded in obtaining the membership of ‘International Union of Socialist Youth’ (IUSY) in 1996 and continued in its quest for social justice, equality and freedom Continue..)

The increasing strength of student population and the compelling needs and issues of the students compelled the student’s community in exile to form “Student Organization of Bhutan” (SOB) on December 26, 2003 under the leadership of Mr. Bhim Kumar Dhungana. Unfortunately, Mr. Dhungana succumbed to snake bite in his own hut on 1st of October 2004.  As a fraternal organization of BPP it subscribes to the principles and values of “Democratic Socialism”. The SOB is actively working hand in hand with students’ community in exile and the party to advocate the protection of child rights and other related issues both in Bhutan and in exile . (Continue.)

Back in Bhutan, prior to formation of the human rights and political organisations, few social organisations of teachers and students were also formed clandestinely. But those organisations could not work effectively because of the restriction and vigilance put on by the RGOB. Often these organizations would be labelled as anti-national associations. Even so, the teachers and students played a vital role of educating their fellow teachers and students on the anti-people policies of the RGOB. Of these organisations “Bhutan National Teachers Association” (BNTA) functioned from National Institution of Education (NIE), Samchi. When the government learned about the formation of the teacher’s organisation it arrested the leader of the organisation, founding president, Mr. Mon Bahadur Chhetri, interrogated, tortured, imprisoned and finally brutally killed him. While some active members met horrible and merciless torture in the Bhutanese prisons, the rest sought protection in the neighbouring states of India ( Continue.)

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