༄། །བྷུ་ཀྲན་པི་པཱལྶ་པ་ཀྲི།།
Bhutan Peoples' Party  


The Central President, who is assist by the two Central Vice Presidents, Heads the Bhutan Peoples’ Party.  There are five  General Secretaries to steer and lead different other sections and secretaries.  There are six distinct policy making and planning committees’ viz. Disciplinary committee, Advisory Board, Central Committee, Central Working Committee, parliamentary committee and the General Assembly.  There are six other sections and organs headed by a secretary viz. secretary administration, secretary press and publicity, secretary finance, secretary Health & education, secretary sports and culture, secretary social welfare and secretary external affairs. The Central President, the Central Vice Presidents, the general secretaries and all other secretaries are forming the Central Working Committee (CWC). The central committee, which consists of 31 members, provides the full quorum to the party. Under the finance committee are account keeper and treasurer. The district committee functions under the district president and vice president.

All the heads of the organization are responsible to the Central Committee. However, the Central President is put under the constitutional guidelines and framework of the organization. While functioning or coordinating the work of the Party, the different organs of the organization work upholding the principles and constitutional norms and guidelines of the Party. In order to maintain the smooth coordination and functioning, the party has an elected link maintainer from every district called the District President.  The party endeavors to look after the welfare of every individual in general without any discrimination and designs its activities in lieu of the enshrined aims and objectives.


Bhutan Before 1991

Bhutan After 1991

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