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Bhutan Peoples' Party  


The Bhutan Peoples’ Party believes in Democratic Socialism and Mixed economy as its Ideology, with the aims of internal integration of economy and democratization of the society at the grass-root level. As a Social Democratic Party, BPP is committed to the ideals and principles of freedom, equality, solidarity and justice. Democracy ensures that every individual has free choice between political alternatives in the framework of free and fair elections, change of government is based on the free will of the people, rights of every individual and minority are guaranteed, an independent judiciary based on the rule of law applied impartially to all citizens irrespective of gender, race, and ethnicity, origin and other consideration. Democracy is an indispensable element of Democratic Socialism.

The principle of Democratic Socialism is to establish a political and social order in which all the citizens enjoy freedom in all spheres of life. The object of Democratic Socialism is to transform the right of self-determination into reality. Monopoly and hegemony are proved to be an obstacle to progress. Equal rights and opportunities to determine one’s own fate presupposes the fair distribution of commonly produced goods and the rights of all citizens to have equal say in matters of common concern.

The fundamental concerns we have today are not whether there will be change in the future, but rather who is going to control it and how. We have all seen that the regime which has controlled now, functions for its own vested interests blatantly violating rights and all accepted universal norms. The Democratic Socialist answer is unequivocal. It is the people who should exercise control by means of democracy and democratic process in all aspects of life: political, social and economic. Social democracy or Democratic Socialism is the pre-requisite condition for other rights and liberties. Freedom, equality and prosperity can be achieved and guaranteed only by a democratic structure within a humane framework.

Democratic Socialism also means cultural democracy. There must be equal rights and opportunities for all cultures within society with equal access for everyone to national and international cultural heritage. All development, whether economic or social, must encompass the cultural diversity of the nation.

Nature is the life-support system of human beings. Its devastation automatically leads to the destruction of the human race. Thus, Democratic Socialism, advocates joint international efforts to protect the natural environment thus replacing all environmentally damaging products and processes by alternative mechanisms, which will enhance nature.

Economic rights aspired by Democratic Socialism genuinely reflects on their fundamental values which when applied to the economy’s social functions steadily of freedom for all, equitable participation by all in economic output and benefit, and freedom from the state of dependencies and economic exploitation. Economic rights must be considered as a necessary base from which to secure the active participation of all citizens in building society and, not as benefits paid to passive individuals lacking the initiative. Democratic Socialism believes in the augmentation of a number of individual social interests within its general concept of public welfare. Larger measure of self-determination entirely depends on the active participation of the majority, not passive resignation.

Today, the natural environment and all living beings face the impending threat of annihilation by weapons of mass destruction, created by them. Limited resources, which could be used to uplift the human life, are being wasted on armament, creating inequalities between nation and people. Disarmament could release the armament expenditure for investment in economic and social development. Democratic Socialism advocates disarmament and nuclear non-proliferation to ensure the continuity of life on earth.

Human Rights, for Democratic Socialism, includes Civil & Political rights, Cultural, Economic and Social rights, the right to form trade unions, the right to social security and welfare for all including the protection of mothers and children, the right to education, training and leisure, the right to decent housing in a livable environment and the right to economic security. Unemployment undermines the human dignity, threatens social peace and wastes the most precious resource required for poverty alleviation. Especially for young people, unemployment have severe consequences. Democratic Socialism seeks to establish common privileges and favors to support and serve the interests of all those who desire equal rights.

The integral part of the Democratic Socialism in a democratic state is capable of ensuring equality and freedom, which may not be annulled by any law or by any act of the state, and protecting the rights of the people for universal & equal suffrage.

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