༄། །བྷུ་ཀྲན་པི་པཱལྶ་པ་ཀྲི།།
Bhutan Peoples' Party  

Interview of late R.K.Budathoki by Chanel Nepal during 2001 which is equally relevant and important even today.

        Our Commitment:

Establishment of a true, functional, vibrant and inclusive Democracy, Parliamentary system of government, Constitutional Monarchy, Multi-party system, rule of law, human rights and social justice through peaceful means,

Establishment of an independent judiciary. independent election commission, and to amend the citizenship act with a view to making it uniform to internationally accepted norms,

Drafting a new Constitution in consistent to the democratic norms and values, which shall uphold and ensure the expectations and aspirations of the Bhutanese people,

Safeguard national sovereignty; respect the Royal Institution, promote unity and prosperity of the nation and the people,

Establishment of National Human Rights Commission for the compliance and effective implementation of the provisions of the UN charters, declarations, conventions and covenants, including rights of linguistic, religious and cultural minorities,

Extend solidarity with the people and the nations challenging the despotic and military-ruled governments, defend human dignity,

Call for an end to injustice, child labour exploitation, human sufferings and demand for an end to the arms race, both conventional and nuclear, as well as articulate the importance of non-offensive defiance including the notion of peace zone,

Strengthen the long-term political relations with the countries across the globe giving due respect to the interests of the neighbors,

Foster close relations with the member parties of the Socialist International and maintain sustained membership of the august body.

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